Friday, March 12, 2010

Meat and Potatoes.....

Today I'm taking a half-day of work. I have a million errands to run and my oldest wants to go to the DMV and get his temps. As I was handing him the note to excuse him from school, he says, "This is great, then I can drive the car back to school to pick up the guys". In a split second eight set of lights and four insane intersections flashed through my mind, I looked back at him and said,"We'll start with a vacant parking lot!" This wanting to jump right in is a gene of mine that he has inherited. I always want the "meat and potatoes" first. Even in college I couldn't wait to have my basic studies done so I could get to the main courses. Skip the hors 'doevres and give me the full platter! With AA doing the basics is a good thing. Laying the ground work. Of course with my personality if there was a way to do all twelve steps in a day I would! My sponsor has zoomed in on this little impatient flaw of mine and we have worked together to get me at more "meatier" meetings. A few larger ones on the weekends but also a few more intimate ones during the week. Last night I got to sit at the big person's table and sample what the veteran AA's dish out. This meeting is small, ran the old way, someone reads a passage out of the big book and each person gives up their thoughts and reflections on the particular verse. Wow! I was in hog heaven! The stories, the revelations, the confessions, it was so moving, so educational for a newbie like me. I came away with a full stomach! Completely satisfied. When the meeting ended my sponsor leaned over and said,"Doesn't it make a difference when you sit at the big table?" yes, it made me appreciate for once what the basics can do. They get you ready for big stuff. These people have worked hard to get where they are in their sobriety. They have built a solid foundation. I need to build my foundation. I want a brick house so when the big bad wolf comes a calling he won't be able to "blow my house down". Tonight my sponsor and I start working the basics. For once I'm happy not to be the first one "running and jumping off the dock". Good things do come to those who wait. It's in God's timing not mine. And speaking of good things, did I mention to get to the DMV you have to drive past Barnes and Noble? Talk about good things...the smell of coffee and books together sends me over the top and I just printed off a 10% membership would be a shame to waste that.....just may have to stop in and take a look.....


  1. Not the first time you've heard this, just write SO WELL! I love that (me, 60 years ago!!!) "then I can drive the car back to school to pick up the guys"...except it was the "girls!"

    And coffee...I could (DO?) LIVE of espresso, have even written a blog post about coffee once. You SEE why I love your blog? I can SMELL the brewing right now,10 PM


  2. all or nothing, that's my motto!! lol good luck with your young driver!