Tuesday, March 9, 2010

For praying out loud!

This morning was a nightmare! My two youngest children are having "National Lutheran Schools Week" at their school. This is a fun week planned with lots of events. Today was "crazy hair day" and "silly socks". Last night they picked out their silly socks and we had planned to get up early to create the "crazy hair". Well that would have worked if I hadn't fallen back to sleep! We were moving. I was trying to do my hair and makeup and color one child's hair red and put blue streaks in the other. The dye was flying everywhere. On the floor, on the counter and when I looked in the mirror apparently on my face! Everyone was racing to get out the door, then of course I hit every red light, and slow driver. So after the last passengers were dropped at school I headed for work. Completely frazzled. Now before I would have consoled myself by the thought that I would be able to unwind tonight with some drinks. That is no longer an option. So I started to pray. And pray out loud. I said the Serenity Prayer for starters, then I proceeded to pray to God out loud all the way down Grand Avenue. I didn't care what I looked like. By the time I crossed the bridge by the dam I was feeling much calmer. Ready to start the day. Before a morning like that would have dictated my mood for the day. It would have been rotten. Things would have gone wrong all day. AA has taught me to constantly realign my thinking. A lot of stuff can happen in 24 hours, and that's a long time to be negative. "Stinkin Thinkin" I now know that I can have many moods all day long. Happy, sad, funny, thoughtful, productive, learning etc. they can all work together. I no longer have to be captive to my controlling mind. There are other ways of dealing with life. And one of the most important ways of dealing with life is not going it alone. Reach out to your Higher Power, a fellow AA member, a meeting, your family, friends, pet etc. Share the burden, it makes it a much lighter load to carry......


  1. I agree with you on reaching out.

    What beautiful pics of spring

    Mary LA

  2. "AA has taught me to constantly realign my thinking."

    That line of yours, so true, grabbed me and so I read the preceding post: COFFEE! the only better title for me might have been ESPRESSO!

    However, it's not the title, but what is written after that which counts.

    I put my avatar in your follower's area. Before long you'll have 50 and more "followers"