Thursday, May 6, 2010

You don't watch TV?!!!!!

This statement was said to me by a co-worker this morning. She was asking me if I had watched this show, and that show, and finally I told her, "No, I just don't watch much TV". You would have thought I had snakes growing out of my head the way she looked at me, and then the shocked, "You don't watch TV?! Well to be honest no, if I think about it my total TV viewing for the week is under 2 hours. If the weather is nice I'm out in my gardens after work, and then there's making supper, helping with homework, AA meetings, baths/showers, bedtime and then I like to head up and read. I'm not partial to TV. There are a few shows I find funny but I catch them when I don't have anything else to do. Not only that, it's a glorious time of year. Get outside, get a project, live life. I have nothing against TV it's just not my first choice. She left me feeling like I needed to defend myself and then I realized I was letting myself feel this way so I moved on. Actually what I did last night I wouldn't trade for anything. Wednesday 7:00 pm AA meetings are the Woman's Group. This is a small intimate group of ladies, all very special. Last night one of the member's celebrated 23 continuous years of sobriety. This lady will turn 80 in June, has numerous health problems, is on oxygen, and has one of the spunkiest, most positive attitudes I have ever known. I asked if she would share "her story" and she did. She battled sobriety off and on until in 1961 her family admitted her to a treatment center in Minnesota. She spent 90 days there and she said she can clearly remember the first time she ever read through the 12 steps. She said she was "stunned" because she had finally found a solution to her problem. She met her would be husband in treatment and they were married a year later. Those early years were tough, and for both of them it came with bouts of sobriety and bouts of "falling off the wagon". The first time she was sober for a year, then went out and did some more drinking, then AA, then she was sober for two years, then went out and did some more drinking, then back to AA. This pattern went on for many years, and she and her husband kept coming back to AA and in 1987 it finally took. They both stayed sober for good. She talked about how wonderful their marriage became, their life as a family, and how easy it was to love and be a good wife to her husband. She also talked about holding his hand as he sat in his favorite chair as he took his last breath. How one chapter ended and a new one began. He's been gone over 10 years and not a day goes by that she doesn't miss him. But her daughter and grandchildren live with her and they keep her life busy and full. All of us at the meeting were captivated as she told her life story. So peaceful, so accepting, so willing. Lessons for all of us that are priceless. The meeting ran over but none of us cared. The Lord's prayer and hugs were given all around. I wouldn't trade last night's meeting for a night of TV ever. Life is precious,and I guess I would much rather participate in mine than just being a spectator in the grandstands....


  1. I watch TV no more.
    Happy Thursday!

  2. amen. we have not had TV in several years....we keep a small one for movies but then at least we know what we are watching...hope you have a great weekend!