Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Not fit for man nor beast......

That title fits the weather today. We are under a wind advisory this afternoon (55 MPH) or more and it's raining. Well I should say pelting due to the high winds. Not to mention snow showers for tomorrow night. This whole system is expected to run it's course over the next three days. Tomorrow Alex leaves for his leadership retreat at camp. They told us the weather doesn't matter. He's excited and nervous. I can always tell when he's not to sure about something. He tends to talk too fast and can't sit still. One of his classes is Narrative Description and as you can imagine it involves a lot of paper writing. I have offered on more than one occasion to give insight to his rough drafts but he usually says "no". Last night he approached me shyly and asked if I would give him some direction. We sat side by side and read, and reconstructed sentences, added and subtracted words etc. (in other words my BA in English came in handy). It was great to work together, and he accepted my suggestions and had many of his own ideas as well. Team work. In AA we always talk about how things go smoother when someone works with you. It's important to not feel that you are alone. I'm reading a book by Luci Swindoll entitled "I Married Adventure". She shares her journey of travel and adventure. At a very young age Luci discovered she never had to be alone. Even though she chose to not marry and follow her dreams of travel, singing, work etc. she knew the Lord was there to walk every step with her. She would never be alone. As I read further in the book I realized how she echoed the words of the AA program. Be true to yourself, live life as God would have you live it. For me that is sober. Right in the thick of things. Which I will be today as the house needs to be picked up, Grace and Sam have a Pumpkin Patch party to go to at their school tonight. They are dressing as Mario and Luigi. Thanks to Goodwill their costumes are adorable! I'm hosting bible study at my house, I have a spaghetti bake to make for "Meals and More" at our church tomorrow night, and Alex needs to pack and get ready for camp. I am amazed at how these full days no longer overwhelm me. How a drink isn't an option. Oh did I mention we are dog sitting for my girlfriend? Why not! The more the merrier :) I guess I would rather have a full house of chaos and laughter, than a neat, quiet, empty one. Live life to the fullest, that has become a reality thanks to my HP and the program of AA. Tuesday blessings.....


  1. smiles. you do have quite the busy schedule dont you...crazy weather...i am sure he will do good...hope you have a great day!

  2. Good morning! I was just thinking as got up to the drizzle, I cannot believe October is almost over and I still have the windows open! I hope we do not get your weather, it will knock all the beautiful leaves off the trees for good, but I guess it is inevitable. Have a great Tuesday!
    Love, Patty

  3. Thank you for the visit and the comment on my blog! I popped over to say hi back - since we share so much in common! As I scrolled around on your blog, I notice we follow a couple of the same blogs (where is Scott W. of Attitude Of Gratitude anyway?) and have similar interests in books/authors! Plus, we are having the same weather!
    Happy Tuesday.