Thursday, October 28, 2010

And that is life.....

I received a phone call from my oldest at 11:00 that the leadership retreat had been cancelled because the camp was without power and water. The northwoods of Wisconsin was hit pretty hard and thousands are without power. So it's been rescheduled for next Thurs. through Sat. and due to obligations half the students can't go. He was bummed. When I picked him up from school I could tell by his attitude that he was disappointed and irritated at the weather. I've been there. Not too long ago everything conspired against me to make my life miserable. The weather was no exception. But I have learned that when you share your wisdom with teenagers they do not want to hear it. You can come off sounding condescending. So I just smiled and said, "Well, now you can help us with "Meals and More". So off we went to church. The free dinner was great, lots of people needing a hot meal still showed up despite the horrible winds and rain/snow showers. What was even more gratifying was seeing my three children helping out. Grace was helping with desserts and beverages, Sam with desserts, and Alex was dishing out applesauce. It's important in my mind that they know not everyone comes home to a hot meal, or has a warm bed, or really warm clothes. Even though we live in a small community the need is everywhere. A few years ago Alex and I served a meal at the Harmony House. He was helping me dish out potatoes when three young boys, thin, dirty faces, torn clothes, appeared for dinner. They were right around his age and later he told me that he never thought kids his age needed to go for a free hot meal. I also noticed he heaped their plates that night too. Be aware of your surroundings. Give what you have. In this dog eat dog world a kind gesture, or a kind word, can go a long way for someone. Before long Alex was laughing and having a good time at Meals and More. By the time he got home he had resolved the issue, it is what it is. We all realxed and I went to bed early for some much needed sleep. Lesson learned for all of us last night. When we get to feeling self-pity, or irritated with the world, it's important to step out of ourselves and think of others. What better way to sooth one's soul than to extend your hand to your fellow man.......


  1. smiles. sorry his camp was postponed...but sounds like you helped him gain that perspective...serving others often does that for me as well...

  2. bummer on the retreat/camp thing... But mom to the rescue making the most of a disappointing situation! One of my favorite lessons to teach at CCD is when I get to teach the kids about service.

  3. Sorry about the retreat but so glad that he lgot something valuable instead.