Sunday, September 12, 2010

Life on Life's terms....

Friday night after a great session with my sponsor my daughter who had been playing at the neighbor's came home running a very high fever (103) shaking with the chills and just plain miserable. She's been fighting a cold for the past two weeks and has had a stuffy head and yuky cough and then it dawned on me that I hadn't heard her cough lately. The next day bright and early we headed for the walk in clinic. The doctor listened for a few minutes and said that everything had settled into her chest and she was locked up tight. She's on three different antibiotics and finally the fever broke last night. She's finally starting to cough, and it's music to our ears even if it sounds like she might spit up a lung! So we are all looking forward to her being back to her silly daredevil self in a few days and also looking forward to a full night of sleep. Hope you all had a great weekend and will catch up on posts as soon as I can......


  1. ouch...sorry...hope she is feeling better soon...and that you get some rest...

  2. Sooooo glad that this story has a happy finish, as do most of the 'sick-kid' tales.

    Thanks for sharing your life...the life of a sober woman. You help many--most of whom you'll never know. Blessings.