Friday, September 17, 2010

Flash 55 Friday

Vernon County

It's nothing fancy
located out in a field,
The smell of horses and cattle
drift on the air
The September sun begins to fade and
I hear the music, and see the lights
of the rides.
Just smell the aroma of forbidden foods!
You smile and squeeze my hand in anticipation
of the county fair!

And we are off to Vernon county in Wisconsin. To a sweet country fair that is held by the town my brother and his family live in. This particular area of Wisconsin is beautiful. All rolling hills, farms, and the majestic beauty that was carved out by the glaciers. We hope to get apple picking, and of course enjoy a night at the fair. I was given a very good reminder the other night. My bestie and I were having dinner with her sister who was visiting from California. We were laughing about our glamorous lives visiting the cheese store on a Saturday morning, when her sister said, "It's sounds like a pretty good life to me". I realized then that she was right. A simple Midwestern life, full of beauty, and laughter, and's the only place where I want to be. Have an awesome weekend....


  1. a simple life is pretty close to perfect..and the county fair a great time...brings back some great memoires...

  2. Wisconsin is where you hide yourself huh? Your 55 brought me there in vivid detail. My family and I had occasion to visit southern Wisconsin when our nephew played football at UW. His family rented a small homestead farmhouse, paid rent by working round the property. The hills, the sunflower fields, what a magical place that is!

    Thanks for taking me there this morning and enjoy the county fair. There is nothing on earth like a great, small, midwestern county fair!

  3. BEAUTIFUL, and I love the back drop too. Autumn is my FAVORITE season by far, and it is something I miss now that I'm in the southeast coastal area instead of the Midwest.

    I think I'll make plans to take a drive into the foothills to just soak in some color in a couple weeks. :)

  4. Such a well captured description of a county fair. You make the smells and sights come alive. Keep coming back.

  5. DBG...
    I LOVE Wisconsin!
    NOT Wes..Con..Sin
    Loved your 55 Young Lady.
    Beautifully described
    Thanks for playing, and I'd like some Fried Cheese Curds please?
    Have a Kick Ass Week-End

  6. hummmmmmm how inviting a place to find peace ... a lovely life... I can easly see myself there through this amazing description.

    Great poem! ;)

    Thank you for visiting my place :)