Monday, August 2, 2010

Ready, set, go!

The month of August moves fast. I have a packet of materials from the private school our two youngest attend that would rival any college admission forms, meet the teacher days to schedule, registration and fees day, not to mention orthodontist appointments, Grace's birthday, Alex's birthday, my parent's anniversary, and to top it off my oldest calls and says he and a friend are working at the fair all week driving a golf cart and delivering drinks. They make pretty good money and are very excited about this opportunity. And let's not forget school clothes and school supplies to buy. Both Grace and Sam have grown so much, that I know there will be very little that they can wear from last year, oh did I mention that I would also like to have a garage sale? This time of year had the ability to completely unravel my nervous system. It goes by in a blur and before I know it it's the first day of school and we are back to nine months of schedules and routines! I know, I know, stay in least I feel I'm better equiped to handle all the "business" that is associated with this month. Before I was just hanging on, now I feel like I can grab the wheel and go. That's growth! 150%!
We had a busy weekend. Our friends celebrated their 25th. anniversary Friday night. Their party was very nice, not to mention that the food was delicious! Just say "fatty meat" and I'm there! :) It was also the first time I have seen some of my girlfriends since I stopped drinking. I was fine. It was great to see them, to hear what's going on in their lives. It was a warm, muggy summer night. Crickets and frogs sung along to the Frank Sinatra tunes the band was playing. I enjoyed a cool creme soda and a cigar with the men. When the evening ended I packed up my children and headed for home. Happy to celebrate my friends special day and happy to be sober. Saturday we headed up north for the night to visit with my oldest brother and his family. It was great to see them and catch up. Before we left I attended a meeting. Usually this is one of my favorites but this time it was filled with conflict. People were complaining of the cliques, and the gossip, and the thirteenth stepping etc. Discussions were heated and I was very disappointed that this topic was outshining two anniversaries. One lady was celebrating nine years, and the other three. I would have loved to hear how they did it, but unfortunatly the meeting was full of opinions. After the meeting I was talking with a lady who told me when I first came in she thought I was a snob. She commented that I tended to keep to myself, only attend certain meetings, and talk to certain people. I was shocked. I didn't realize I was coming across like this. I was getting ready to defend myself when it occurred to me: why should I? I only attend certain meetings because at night I'm the only parent home, and I choose meetings that are very focused and can give me the most experience, strength, and hope. Second I have seen the high school crap that goes on around the club, and I choose to keep my program as gossip and altercation free that I can. I don't need to entangle in anymore problems. I have enough of my own. As for talking to certain people, I'm nice to everyone, but there are certain people that I know will be truthful and honest with me, increasing my growth. So for that I'm perceived as a snob. I know that I snap judge people too, so instead of taking it personal I just smiled and said,"yes, I suppose I do come across like that". I didn't have to buy into anyone else's agenda. I can take an observation or criticism without getting all emotionally wrapped up in it. I try to stick with my program, with my sponsor, and with AA peeps that keep me honest, humble, and willing to grow. And for that I'm grateful.......


  1. i met a man recently that saw me in target one day and thought i was an angry man...i laughed at first but evidently it was the intent look on my face...which i know happens sometimes when i shop...get in get out...perhaps no i go a bit slower...

  2. "life in the fast lane, surely make you lose your mind" (Don Henley/The Eagles)

    whew, crickets, frogs, fatty meat, big band and Frank Sinatra tunes... does summer get ANY better than that? There's nothing quite like finding oneself right smack dab in the middle of the Stream of Life, is there?

  3. Snap judging people tends to surprise me--not only when I do it but when others do it to me. I am glad to be more aware of that today.