Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Hot child in the city.....

Another day of hot humid, sticky weather. I do not do well in the heat, never have and some of the meds I have to be on warn to stay out of the sun and for once I'm listening! I'm more concerned with my oldest son Alex who is working at the fair this week. He and a friend have a "gig" through the city and are busy making some extra cash. However they are outside all day and I worry about dehydration, but he assures me they are fine. He has skin like my husband and is turning a beautiful golden brown. Yesterday he worked 12 1/2 hours and came home tired, sore, and pleased with his full day. Wow were did the years go. When I talked with my brother he said Alex looked like a "bean pole" he had gotten so tall. I am grateful for the opportunity of work for him. And speaking of grateful we ordered our new regrigerator today, and paid for it in cash! We still have to wait a week for it to come in and be delivered but it will be wonderful! I won't take an appliance for granted again! Plus we didn't have to finance another thing, we just took care of it. It's actually been kind of fun budgeting and staying within our means this past week. I've really amazed myself at how far I made my alloted money stretch! Tonight we have church since we missed it on the weekend by going up north and tomorrow I start leading the Thursday night "We Are Not Saints Group". I was asked to lead this AA meeting by my peers and I feel grateful they would trust such a newbie as me. Sometimes I feel like my answers or comments aren't as mature as those who have a lot more sobriety. Which of course would make sense. But this is another thing I need to work on :letting it be, letting it take it's own course. This is a toughie for me, but I'm a work in progress. I hope you are all having a great hump day, and staying cool! Next week I'll actually be able to stick my head in the freezer......for real :)


  1. i used to have to take electrolyte tabs when i worked ont eh was so hot...nice on the refridgerator...and we are works in progress that is what makes us beautiful...

  2. "Sometimes I feel like my answers or comments aren't as mature as those who have a lot more sobriety." BALDERDASH! (Is that a word???)

    More do I learn from a near-newbie than from the seasoned 49-year asshole who thinks he knows everything, and tries to be funny every time he shares or chairs...

    Know what I mean, jelly bean? --grin!

  3. It has been so hot here. Hoping that you are staying cool as possible.