Friday, July 30, 2010

Flash 55 Friday


I saw it in your eyes,
glassy and unfocusing.

I heard it in your words,
thick and slurred.

I felt it in your smile,
so heavy and hesitant.

When we hugged good-bye
I smelled it on your breath
and was reminded that not
too long ago, I to worshipped
the liquid God in the glass.......

A few weeks ago a friend asked if I was bothered by being around people that had been drinking. I was able to answer truthfully: "No, because when I see someone whose had too much to drink it reminds me of how far I've come and that it would only take a second to throw it all away". I'm off to Green Bay WI today for business. Hope you all have a blessed weekend....


  1. Sounds like you've come a long way.

    I’m up here.

  2. tight write...there is a certain sadness in seeing those that are where we once were....

  3. yep - tight write - reminded me of my dad - sad but true...

  4. one of the nice little growth elements in recovery... we no longer have to resent people who drink... we no longer have to fear being around drinking... we're truly free

  5. A sadness, yes, and fear. Just a bit.

  6. DBG...
    This was one of your best 55's
    I love how insightful you are.
    Thank You for your fantastic contribution today, and please have a Kick Ass Week-End

  7. My last words, at 11:55 PM on my last day of drinking, I looked at my bottle, and said, "My God! My God! Why hast Thou forsaken Me?"

    Seriously...there was no vocal answer. And in that silence I KNEW I wold never drink again.

    A GREAT "55" Thank YOU! Mine is up also...somewhere!

  8. A good reminder I would say. I don't like to be around drunk people. PTSD I guess.