Monday, June 28, 2010

The right time.....

Being an alcoholic comes with many unique traits. One is a creative mind and a drive. My daughter has been after me for weeks to "redo" her room. I on the other hand just did this room three years ago, and the special paint job took hours, I was not ready to cover all that up. So we struck a deal, I said we could get new bedding and curtains and I would find a way to "update" using things we had. I came home from a wet and buggy weekend at the cottage (Friday night it rained 7 1/2 inches) and started the project. With a couple of paint tricks, and refurbished accessories her room looks brand new and so cool. I love decorating and helping my daughter express herself. Sometimes just arranging the furniture in a new pattern and moving accessories can make a room feel like new. But with alcoholism also comes a trait that isn't too good, and that's impatience to wait for something. I work in the world of transportation. Myself and another person run our companies truck leasing company. We also oversee six other plants across the country. So yes, I deal with semi's, drivers, the DOT, and numerous state rules and regulations. Of course for those who know me this is not my ideal job. That would be a bookstore or greenhouse but it's a good company to work for, and the healthy insurance is excellent. I knew one of the men that drives for us is a recovering alcoholic and has been for many years. Since I entered AA I wanted to talk to this individual but there's never a right time. Too many people in the other offices, suppliers picking up or delivering etc. and I don't do well with waiting. I usually want everything yesterday, but this time I knew enough to let it go, and the other day the timing was right....This individual came into my office, took a seat and started visiting with me, the outer office area was quiet, no other drivers in sight, dispatch was at lunch and my partner was gone. I got up the courage to tell this person of my recovery and then ask him about his. It was so interesting. This person told me his story and his moment of clarity. He told me that night came when he was so drunk at a Christmas party that he completely humiliated himself and his wife. She didn't speak on the way home, or when they got home, but he said the hurt he saw in her eyes, changed everything. He went to his first AA meeting the next day. I asked him what advice he had or what worked for him. "Keeping it simple, keep busy, don't isolate yourself, be grateful each day, do his will not yours and stay in the 24 hours that you are in". We talked for a few more minutes and then he had to hit the road, but before he left he said,"when I get the chance I'll stop in and we can chat some more". I said I would like that and he went on his way. I reflected on his advice, and then got back to work, realizing that the time was right for our conversation to take place. I have some sobriety under my belt and can better understand the program and myself than I could a few months ago. I need to wait, for people, places, and things. Just another example of why "his timing" is always right....


  1. Wonder if Patience and Tolerance have anything to do with "His Timing"???--BIG grin!

    Drybottom, you have inspired me again with your sobriety and your writing ability. Thank you.
    God BLESS you!

    (FYI, I was Florida State "Driver-of-the-Year" in 1994 or one of those years! It was the Community Transportation Bus thing. Also I was 3rd party CDL testing Peep, Defensive Driving Instructor, and I forget what else--but it WAS an eight-day week-job!)

  2. very cool story...glad you got the time with this guy..some sound advice...and you got it just when you were ready. have a great monday!

  3. Great post! Glad you re-did your daughters room too. Three years to a kid is like three centuries! LOL.God bless you working with truckers, I am married to one. Most of them have hearts as big as his too.