Friday, June 25, 2010

Flash 55 Friday


You were built to protect
massive ore docks,
so small but so important
to the freightliners.
Now fully restored, I imagine
the stories you could tell,
but my favorite would be the one
where two small children paid
you a visit, running through
broken glass and cobwebs just
to see the world through your eyes...

This is based on a true story. My middle brother and I were fishing on Lake Superior with our dad and grandfather when we came along a man and his family by the lighthouse having boat trouble. My father and grandfather were able to help them and the man had the keys to the lighthouse and asked if anyone wanted to see it. My brother and I bolted out of the boat and raced up the spiral staircase. The lighthouse had been neglected for many years at this point full of cobwebs and broken glass but I will never forget that view from the top. Spectacular. Over Memorial Day weekend my brother and I recalled this memory, I think it's one of the special ones from our childhood. I have posted a picture of the lighthouse as it stands today, fully restored and proud....


  1. Visiting here today makes me SO glad that I have a computer...and found you as a blogger. True personal stories are the "best". Thank you!

    To see mine GO HERE

  2. Lovely poem. I have fond memories of Lake Erie (post catching on fire era) :)

  3. So totally cool! I'm wishing I could have been there with you to run through the glass and the spiderwebs for a view from the top.

    Mine is here.

  4. Thanks for the backstory, brought the entire experience of your 55 to a whole new level. My 55 is HERE .

  5. I loved this story!
    From someone that has visited many Great Lakes Lighthouses, I just smiled at your description.
    Excellent 55 DBG.
    Great writing..Thanks for playing today, thanks for visiting, and have a Kick Ass Week-End...

  6. beautiful photo. What a sweet memory! Thanks for sharing it with us.

  7. That is a great story. I love the old lighthouses and thank goodness they are now being restored. The local one on Morris Island is also being restored and buttressed against the sea.

  8. My mom is from the UP, up just a little way from Calumet.

    I love the UP, still so beautiful and untamed in so many ways, I love the lighthouses and the beautiful rocky shores of Lake Superior.

    Thanks for sharing this memory, it brought back some of my own :)

  9. great 55. i love lighthouses...and the symbolism they fam story as well. hope you had a great weekend!