Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Recovery Poem by: Vanessa


God, stay close to me so I can feel that you are there,

that I am not alone and lost in my Self.


me feel the power of your presence always

the assurance that my life is all right,

the strength to master challenges

the wisdom not to become complacent in my recovery.


to me what is intuitively right,

to master any given situation,

to recognize dangerous situations on the spot,

to take only serious what is, and to know the difference.


me to rid myself of the demons of my past,

to be full of joy and free of worry,

to have laughter and good friendships,

to take life with a light heart.


me the courage to take chances,

to step out and recognize my full potential,

to speak my mind without fear,

to show love, where no love is.


me glimpses of a higher consciousness,

the spirit of an eagle soaring above and seeing the bigger picture,

a life that is not burdened with resentments and anxiety,

your love, so I can absorb it fully and pass it on to others.


me strength to overcome difficulties,

to accept my fellow men as they are,

to accept me, my dark past, my failures,

to accept and remember the joyous times of my past.


your light and love onto my son, so that he may have self confidence, deal with the burdens I put upon him,

your love onto my mother, that she may nor suffer from demons of her past, that she may understand and accept me and our relationship

your grace upon my Anonymous group members, so they may be joyous and free, staying on the road of recovery and learn a new freedom.

Your grace upon my friends and enemies, so my friends will stay with me and my enemies will turn into my friends.

Your grace upon the World!


I found this beautiful poem on the internet. It was written by Vanessa. No last name was given. I thought it was wonderful because we can all relate, and slip our own prayers into it. To me it embodies what I am working so hard to do. Enjoy!


  1. thanks for the wonderful breath of fresh air today..i needed that...great find...

  2. wow...just wow...

    'show me a life that is not burdened by resentments and anxiety.'

    wow...i love that...

  3. this poem speaks everything I could ever want to say or hear in poetry. beautiful.

  4. It is a wonderful prayer/poem. Thanks for sharing it.