Tuesday, March 23, 2010

And the ants came........

Ahhhhh, a new day, a new look, a new frame of mind. Yesterday wasn't the best of days for me, when you self indulge in pity with a dash of ego it leaves little room for gratitude. I had had enough of myself by late afternoon and tried to focus on the good things. HP cleared up my distorted vision and gave me a crisp outlook on life. I saw my Dr. and she's awesome. Funny, relaxed, most of all encouraging. Since I've stopped drinking my blood pressure has come down to an awesome 120/60. She was pleased as was I. When I left her office the late afternoon sun was casting long shadows on the city which I enjoyed through my drive. I picked up my two younger children and we headed home. No sooner did the car pull in the driveway than four neighbor kids showed up to play. It was time for supper but I said, "go play till dark, I'll feed you when you come in". Shouts of excitement filled the air and off they ran in their pack. I took the mail in and discovered that the ants had come! My middle child asked for an ant farm for his birthday in January and we waited for the weather to warm up before we ordered the ants. I opened the envelope to find a tiny vile filled with ants. My oldest son appeared and we proceeded to set up the "ant factory". We placed it in middle son's room to surprise him and then I started supper. As I was boiling the pasta I was entertained by shouts of laughter from small children playing tag and other various games in the back yard. My oldest son sat on the counter and we discussed how our day was. Before I knew it the sun had gone down and I was calling the kids in. They hung up their jackets and I couldn't help but notice their rosy cheeks and hair that smelled of fresh air. As I was running their baths I stood in the doorway of my son's bedroom so I could catch his reaction when he discovered the ants. "Mom the ants came?! Cool, look their carrying their food, and this one's starting to tunnel, this is great, now I can watch them build"......Thank you HP and AA for letting me enjoy the rest of this day. As I tucked them into bed, and kissed their springtime faces I couldn't help but feel that all was well for today......


  1. That was very nice! I like the new white background of your blog, much more cheerful.

  2. Thank you so much for stopping by and leaving such a kind comment. I am smiling at your day because I can relate to those small moments that mean so much. I am glad I am present today in mind and spirit more than I was before Alanon. My two boys are college age but I still have those small moments when I can see them as they use to be. I look forward to reading you in the mornings now!


  3. I had an ant farm when I was a kid. I watched them for hours. One can learn a lot about social behavior from ants. Your description of your children playing reminds me of my own childhood.