Thursday, March 17, 2011

Flash 55 Friday


Raising the sash and
lifting the glass I
quietly let spring in
The soft breeze slips
through the screen and
lazily spreads across the
room spilling freshness as
it collides with the furniture
and walls, dragging sunshine
behind on the floor while
a red breasted robin sings
a melody to an audience
of leafless trees.........

The temps are in the 50's and the snow is melting. Was able to have the window cracked a bit and love to hear the birds sing. Busy weekend planned with projects, school carnival and car repairs. Enjoy the earth as it stretches it arms to awaken......


  1. I'll try again..
    DBG....Please bring me a Lemonade!
    Loved your 55 My Friend.
    Thanks for playing, and have a Kick Ass Week-End!

  2. blossoms are starting to show here in Oregon. I am loving it. Now if the rain will stop.

  3. What a wonderful job of describing this early spring time! Excellent 55!


  4. A FINE '55'...evocative, I see and smell the fresh breeze running into furniture and walls

    but you know the line I really liked? The thought behind these words:

    "Enjoy the earth as it stretches it arms to awaken.."

    A picture is in there somewhere--grin!

  5. ahhh...i smell was a gorgeous day..and a hot night...low tonight is 50 here...whew...

  6. Cool! and welcome it is - thanks! our doors
    and windows have been cracked at every opportunity.

  7. I'm certainly ready for the 'out like a lamb' phase of March! Nice 55.

  8. love to hear the robin sing..
    cute imagery, spring into spring
    with a 55 song here..

    Happy Weekend.

  9. I'm lovin this warm weather too! Just wish I wasn't stuck in an office all day...

  10. A lyrical 55 that promises a blooming season. Lovely.

  11. Any window open day is a good one.