Friday, March 11, 2011

Flash 55 Friday....


On my way out the door,
as I stopped to turn the key
I heard a sound of months
gone by, a tiny breast
upon a twig was singing
it's little heart in two.
I watched this private concert
and marveled at the repetoire of
that small fellow, filled with hope
that spring would come...

This happened yesterday, as I was trying to lock the door, while juggling, my purse, my lunch, and shooing the kids out the door. We are buried in snow, and yet for a brief few moments I was transported into a warm day in May by this sweet little bird, singing his heart out, to an unknown captive audience. God is good! Remember to set your clocks ahead, and have a wonderful weekend......


  1. DBG...?
    The Town Crier now are we?
    Spring is coming!
    Set your clocks ahead!
    Next thing you know you'll be announcing when Justin Bieber will be playing in a Civic Center near you.
    But Hey....Somebodys gotta do it...:P
    Loved your upbeat 55 there Cheeser...You Rock!!
    Thanks for playing, thanks for the reminder, and have a Kick Ass Week-End

  2. GOD I LOVE being Numero Uno....


  3. smiles. spring is coming...thank goodness! i hope you have a great weekend!

  4. Ah, bring on Spring and more birdsong. Nice 55!

  5. fun take, keep the cheerful mood coming..

    very lovely 55.

  6. When you are frozen in snow and ice, how wonderful to be greeted by that warm warble of spring.

  7. I love spring and all that is renewed. We feed and watch birds avidly. Great 55-er!

  8. I LOVE that moment of realization as the season renews! :)