Friday, February 4, 2011

Flash 55 Friday

"Green and Gold"

Cheese curds, Cheeseheads
beer and brats
Tailgate munchies and full parking lots
Lambeau field, a legendary place
Vince Lombardi, Bart Starr,
Ray Nitschke, Reggie White
I might just run out of space
A new generation, new talented faces,
built on tradition and hallowed places
Yes it must be told....

Now did you expect me to write about anything else?! If you don't know the Green Bay Packers are playing in the SUPERBOWL! I have loved this team through good and bad, and am always proud to cheer them on. It would be great to win but I will be proud none the less of their season! It's a busy weekend, lots planned and of course the big game on Sunday. Stay warm, hope you're done shoveling, and have an awesome weekend....


  1. husband is currently grumbly with me because I nixed the TV so close to game day. LOL! I'm sure we'll figure something out...can't miss this American tradition...and your little poem made me want to that much more which is amazing considering I am not a sports fan. Good one :)

  2. Go Pack. Beat the Pittsburgh Rapists.

  3. As you can imagine all of the Bear's fans around here are pulling for the Steelers. I'm in Illinois. I don't care that much about football anymore, so I doubt I'll even watch..(well, maybe a peek or two), but I keep hearing Packers in my head. What that means will be up to the people who know me..

  4. I always liked Paul Hornung..
    He could slam em down!
    Loved your 55 DBG...
    Go Pack!!!!!
    Thanks for playing, and have a Kick Ass Week-End!

  5. In High School I read a book about Jerry Kramer...the famous pulling gaurd for the Pack.
    It got me geeked about my Guard position on my local teem. Lombardi...great.

  6. first half goes to the green and gold...ugh.

  7. I don't understand Superbowl, being in India and all that...but liked what you wrote.

    sinning through the skin

  8. congrats on the Packers SB win :) great 55 for a great superbowl game. ( I was rooting for the Steelers since that was near my birth place and all-but the Packers did a great job)