Friday, January 7, 2011

Flash 55 Friday

Being Still

Standing at the window,
steaming mug in hand
my lips send ripples
accross the coffee in
an attempt to drink it.
The morning has shown her
face, dressed in a veil of
pink and blue. Not a breeze
stirs in the frozen world
of January until a bark makes
me swallow and start my day.....

This is a usual scene for me, waiting for the dog by the back door every morning. The house is starting to warm up, and the snow sounds like styrofoam as Jack bounds accross it. January is a cold month, but one that reminds us there is beauty and purpose in just being still. Stay safe, stay warm and have an awesome weekend.... Go Pack Go!


  1. A peaceful reflective way to start your day, savoring a hot cup of tea or coffee, looking out over the snowy landscape waiting for your dog... it would be very quiet around here without my best friend and his antics, I mean my dog not my partner,,,, smile.

    A lovely poem --- nice write 55.


  2. nice. my day starts with that first sip...

  3. Tim Horton's for me...
    X-tra lg with double cream...Senior Discount!
    Loved your 55 DBG...
    See how easy this is?
    Thanks for playing, and have a Kick Ass Week-End

  4. Great 55
    a really sweet view you have each day

    Happy Weekend

  5. what a wonderful piece you've written here! I was there sipping right along with you, watching Jack crunch and bound through the January snow.

  6. This is wonderful, you're a much more serene woman than I. When I sip my hot coffee I clutch my robe while shivering....totally wondering why our canine friend hasn't learned to open the bloody door in the winter...she does it in the summer.
    Alas I'll try to take a moment of reflection rather than rushing it along ;)

  7. I used to like waking up to those snowy mornings when I lived in Virginia. Today we just have ice here. A good day to stay inside.