Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Not feeling it today....

No creative juices flowing. So I will go read other's "One Shots". Just feeling cold and tired. Middle child is very ill with ear infection, terrible cold, and throwing up. Managed to last 2 1/2 hours total in school this week, so concerned for him. The Dr. has him on antibiotics but you can tell he just feels rotten. I'm still running things at work, but I did manage to be home with him yesterday. Otherwise he goes to grandpa and grandma's for lots of TLC while the rest of us are at work and school. Their little ShitSzu "Dudley" lays next to him all day long. Dogs/animals are so cool. They know when you just need love. Tomorrow I will celebrate 11 months of sobriety. The year has gone surprisingly fast, and I still have so much to learn. So I'm going to make some hot tea, and finish a few things I have left on my desk. Then it's home to my hubby and kids, to snuggle in for a cozy evening. Yes, life is very good.....


  1. yay on 11 months...hope the little feels better...not a lot of fun being sick...

  2. Hope your son feels better soon. My husband is really quite sick too. Bronchitis. YUCK! Can't stand that terrible rattling cough or feeling his exhaustion cause it's keeping him from sleeping.

    Wonderful that you're celebrating 11 months of sobriety!

  3. Good morning, Happy New Year and happy 11 months sober! Awesome!

    I sure do hope your little one feels better soon. There's nothing more difficult as a parent than watching your child suffer when you cannot just "make it better." But, it sounds like he's in good hands (and paws) between his g-ma and g-pa and Dudley!

    I wish you well! (I go through periods of time when nothing comes out of me, creatively speaking. This too shall pass :-) )

  4. Congrats on 11 months of the New YOu!!!!

    Isn't it amazing how exhausting the wee ones can be when they're ill? It's not all just their demands/needs but also the internal worry which goes along with it. Like we're in hyper attentive mode....then we generally get sick too. Lovely.

    I haven't had much gusto to blog lately either and I'm certain it's the left over exhaustion.

    Get lots of sleep by blogging friend and I'll pray from here ;)

  5. Many congratulations on 11 months. Hope that your son feels better. You have accomplished so much here.