Friday, December 3, 2010

Flash 55 Friday

Bubo Virginianus

Trudging through the newly fallen snow
trying to not make a sound
The dawn barely awake
the morning washed in grey
Lost in my thoughts I fail
to hear your call
"Hoo H'hoos"
"Hoo H'hoos"
I glance up in time to see
the expanse of your wings
and fell the breeze of feathers
"Hoo H'hoos"....

While hunting the last few weeks my husband happened upon a Great Horned Owl. I love owls! Such beautful creatures. He said the morning was dark and the owl swooped close to his head, calling his lonely call. He was surpised and delighted at the same time. What a great way to start the day! Hoping you all have a warm and cozy weekend.....


  1. owls are very cool...about a year ago we had two that visited us for a time...nice 55

  2. What a beautiful beautiful experience that must have been. I have been awed by deer like that, and butterflies. Actually, come to think of it, in nature as I quietly sit or walk in peace, that happens quite frequenly.

    :o) SO COOL!

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  4. (I had some typos in that deleted post that turned it into gibberish..trying again..)
    Seeing a big owl like that is quite an experience. We have a lot of the little ones, but while we're a somewhat out in the sticks, we live too close to the city for the big guys. It's always amazing to come that close to the wild.

  5. It always gets to me when owls swoop close overhead. It's enough to send me flat in the snow late at night.

  6. I saw a Great Horned Owl once myself (as described in Earth Mother’s Song)

    It made no sound at all.

    Thanks for reminding me of that. Nice 55!

  7. Solid work with good audio effect(s).

  8. so the english speaking owls seem to make the same sounds as the german speaking ones...nice 55..i think owls are beautiful

  9. We have one that hangs out in the tree at the end of my property.
    I'm very leery of them.
    Loved your 55 DBG.
    This was one of my favorites of today.
    Thanks for this little beauty, and please have a Kick Ass Week-End...G

  10. I have called in a great horned here as well. There are lots of owls in the woods here. And occasionally one will decide to come near where I am in response to my pitiful hooting.