Wednesday, July 21, 2010


I made it home yesterday before the black sky opened and unleashed it's wrath. I was glad all my blessings were safe in the house, and the last thing I remember is conversing with my oldest. The next time I opened my eyes it was sunny and water was dripping outside the windows. I had slept for an hour and a half, through a wind whipping, lightening/thunder, hail thunderstorm. Lost of trees down, and over 4,000 people without power, cable, phones. And I slept through it. So to redeem myself I went grocery shopping and made a big pan of lazagna. My children forgave me for sleeping through the storm. My body needed it and the one thing about loosing sleep is you never get it back. So I have nothing earth shattering to contribute today. Going to the library after work tonight (never made it yesterday) then home to eat the yummy leftovers. After that nothing. I will relax, meditate, and be grateful to my higher power for downtime. I have decided no more justifying when I don't feel like doing anything. Hope you are all having a good "hump day"........


  1. smiles. hope you get some rest...that nap was probably good for you after the previous night...hope the rest of your day goes well!

  2. Hi, popped in from Brian's blog to let you know that I liked your poem very much.

  3. Sounds like the lasagna really "hit the spot".