Friday, July 23, 2010

Flash 55 Friday


Oppressive heat
leaving sweat beads
along my neck.
My leaden filled eyes
drop shut as my head
indents the pillow.
Faintly a crack of
thunder, your voice
fading in the distance.
A quiet blackness
spreads over my limbs
like a blanket.
"Just a few minutes more",
I murmur.
Waking much later to dripping
trees and sunshine.

Tuesday afternoon I beat a storm home. I was running on a few hours of sleep and I was talking to my son as I just laid down for a "minute"....I woke up an hour and a half later and found that I had slept through a very bad storm. High winds, hail, and lots of thunder and lightening. I guess when tired a person can really sleep through anything.......


  1. smiles. the rain actually makes my sleep feel so refreshing...i like to listen to the rhythm of the pitter patter....ahhh....nice 55.

  2. I sleep through some storms as well. It has been oppressively hot here. Rain would bring relief.

  3. Sounds like you needed it!

    You know how I occasionally bother you for you opinion on some thing or other? (I apologize - I can't seem to reach you via e-mail) I was wondering if I could get your two-cents about some of this:

    Happy Friday!

  4. Oh, yeah, I know those "few more minutes" well. Nicely done.

    I’m up here.

  5. Just closing my eyes, to rest them...Gone for...well a bleak55

  6. Loved this. Around our house it's "ten little more minutes". I think napping in a storm is just absolutely the best way to nap. I'm glad to meet you, this is only my third 55. You can find it here.

  7. Seems almost a pity to sleep through the storm. I get a fantastic visual from that last line.

    My 55 is here.

  8. WOW...
    We both had the same inspiration today did we not?
    Most Excellent 55 My Dear.
    Thanks for playing, thanks for visiting, and have a Kick Ass Week-End

  9. You know to me, rain is better than any lullaby. :)

  10. I feel the same way hope does. Rain is a very soothing sound.