Friday, July 16, 2010

Flash 55 Friday

Common Loon

You are elusive during the evening,
my eyes searching to find you.
I hear your lonely wail and it
sends shivers down my spine.
Just when I'm ready to paddle
ashore, you emerge taunting me
with your quiet complexity.
Camera slowly focuses in, holding
my breath I capture your wild beauty
in an instant, forever.

While we were vacationing last weekend I had a lesson in patience. My bestie and I were out kayaking late in the evening. She is an excellent photographer and will wait a long time for the perfect shot. She had wanted to shoot a picture of a loon, but they had been elusive due to boat traffic during the day. We finally spotted one out for an evening swim and my best friend knew it was her chance. She patiently followed the loon, and quietly waited as to not disturb his route, and then very slowly and quietly took his picture. I doubt he even knew that he was the subject of such great interest. Good things do come to those who wait....


  1. oh bet that did take some patience...and there is a lesson int ehre as where is the pic?

  2. I requested the picture so I hope she can send it to me...

  3. Beautiful tribute to a bird for whom the
    wait must have been most tedious but worthwhile...made easier when a good friend is
    with you!

    Mine is at:

  4. Great picture for how rewarding patience can be!

  5. Your picture and 55 are both beautiful. And there is a lesson there, for sure.

  6. Nice 55! You captured the moment just as you captured the loon's image.

    I've always found photographing loons exasperating because of their habit of diving right when I get them in focus.

  7. DBG.....
    I Loved Loved Loved this.
    I love the shivering serenade the Loon gives us.
    It Just exemplifies perfectly a Northern Evening in the Summer...Great Job.
    One of my favorites today so far...Thanks
    And I read Every One!
    Have a Kick Ass Week-End...G

  8. one of life's magic moments, thanks for sharing so beautifully

  9. Nice. I love photography and find it so rewarding to get a good shot.