Thursday, March 18, 2010

Not today....

Just feeling a bit blue. Tired, but the sun is shining and it's going to be warm, so I'm taking the afternoon off for a "mental health" fix. Trying to be patient with my husband. Trying to be patient with myself.....


  1. Yes, I believe that patience and tolerance ARE virtues which can be learned, and are not necessarily "gifts" from above. And the relationship where we use /need them the most is in that one called "marital"...

    Wish I knew the answers, but Peeps--whose judgment I respect highly--tell me that Alanon is THE program for teaching us how to get along with others, mainly close Peeps like spouses. I am seriously writing this, not to waste your time, but in a mode of helpfulness.

    When my wife (Prayer Girl) who is sober almost 25 years started going to Alanon, 5 years ago, I saw out life change slowly to a state which is today unrecognizable from prior times. One does NOT need to be in serious troble, just everyday living can become SO simple, SO easy...ask around, OK?

    Please accept my impertinence as what I believe "pertinent.

  2. Liz,
    I started & finished all of your blog posts tonight. What a beautiful journey...what a beautiful gift to yourself, strangers, & those who love you. Congratulations on your 30+ days! It was so good to see you while I was in Wausau. I've always liked accepting & real & loving. I've always admired accepting & real & loving...AND BRAVE! Thank you for blogging. Thank you for sharing. Love, Stacy Pickens

  3. Steve,
    Thank you for your advice and friendship. Also for introducing me to your wife's

    Right back at your girl! You need to come visit again! Blessing to your family!