Tuesday, January 18, 2011


Fragile is one of my favorite "Sting" songs. My oldest son burned me a cd of "Nothing Like the Sun", and I forgot how much I liked Sting. Life is very fragile. I haven't blogged much because work has been very busy. Recently an event happened with an affiliate of ours in the business world. Fatalities were involved and now lives have been changed forever, and the endless world or lawyers, and investigations is plaguing them. A reminder of how fragile our world's really are. Sigh, so I feel like I'm out of sync with the blogging world. Our little family is busy. Alex is in the middle of taking final exams, Sam and Grace are busy practicing for a "Knowledge A Thon" that helps raise money for their school while they learn answers to over a hundred questions. They actually really enjoy memorizing and seeing how many answers they know. My hubby is thrilled with the success of the Packers and we are all hoping that we can beat the bears and make it to the Super Bowl. Alex was two the last time they won the Super Bowl. I start my Master Gardening course tonight with an introductory potluck. We get paired with our mentors and get to meet the people we are going to spend the next few months with. I am excited to get back into learning. And it's something I love so it should be that much more interesting. I love to learn new things, which is funny because I was such a rotten student in high school. I was all "social" and no "academic" until I was 27. Unlike my oldest who wants to take summer school so he can graduate early and take some courses at the university in town before heading off to college after his senior year. He didn't come from my gene pool. Looking at what I just wrote makes me so grateful for all that is happening. Not the tragedy of course but the movement of life, the going forward, not stuck. When the promises are read in meetings, my favorite line is "You will be amazed before you are halfway through". I remember my first week in, so broken and wishing my life was different than it was. Now I am amazed at my life on a daily basis. I am able to contribute not only to my families well being but to mine as well. I get to step up to the plate. I may not always hit homeruns, but heck I'll take just making a base! I'm starting to deal with Grace's ADD. We are working on organization. She now has a large desk in her room, a calendar that goes by the week, and each Sunday we write out what's happening for just that week. She has post it notes to write reminders, and supplies at her finger tips. We arranged her room in a more "friendly" manner so she can make her bed easier and pick up her toys better. Lots of hugs, and praise. She seems to be responding well. Another facet I didn't expect to have to deal with but it's rewarding to be able to give her tools to exceed. I look forward to the day I am asked to sponsor someone in AA, and I get to give them the tools to succeed through the great program of AA. And if I pass my Master Gardener class I will be able to give people the tools to make their world beautiful. So despite the atmosphere of saddness that is looming because of the "fragileness" of life, I am profoundly grateful for all that is life......


  1. i am glad you can find gratefulness in the midst of the fragile..and cool that you will be able to help bring beauty into the lives of others...

  2. Agree w Brian. If my life were not somewhat 'fragile' I'd have nothing to compare WOW with CRAP. I'd be bored, have nothing for which to strive, and be grateful! Thank you!

    Good luck with your classes, and growing things!

  3. I love "Sting"..he's a fantastic musician. After I read your blog I had to check it out on YouTube and listen. Now I'll be singing it all night.

  4. If I didn't know better, I'd say you're a pretty awesome mom! Sounds to me like life's happening and you're living it. I agree, life is fragile indeed, which is why it's so important for me to be grateful each day.

    I've struggling with regular posting as well, due to so much going on. wow!