Thursday, January 20, 2011

Flash 55 Friday


Crossing over to water
the flowers, I catch a
glimpse of quiet beauty
Threads of lightness
illuminated by the pink
eastern morn, glistening
with fresh dew I feel
like a voyeur to your world of
secret lure and destruction,
like a lover whose too attractive
and before you know it you've
cashed in your soul....

I have never cared for spiders except Charlotte. When she died I sobbed all the way home from the movie theatre. I guess their speed makes me nervous but last summer I was able to study the most beautiful web(minus it's owner) in the morning sun. I am amazed at the architecture that stems from these little creatures. Almost air like in composition and yet strong enough to capture their prey. Truly a wonder. I hope you all have a cozy weekend. Temps are headed below zero, so outside will be limited! Blessings.......


  1. yeah...i can get rather fascinated with spider webs and watching them build them...amazing...i would rather they not crawl on me...have a vivd memory of a bunch of spiders on my face from my caving days...yipes!

  2. Oh I don't care for spiders AT ALL but I do admire their handiwork. One summer we were up in cottage country here walking in the forest by the lake and the ground (which always sounds hollow under the cedars) thunked in front of me.
    We just stood gasping as a dock spider scurried away. Honestly it was as big as my hand! They are truly amazing!!

  3. Hmmm love the way you peer into it's world. A silky web that catches the sunlight is a sight to behold - would we have the energy to build a home like that??

    Nicely woven 55

  4. DBG.....?
    What a fantastic story!
    The PERFECT 55 My Friend..
    The whole world now is connected and ensnared by one big web. (Except for Eau Claire Wi.)
    Thanks for playing, and have a Kick Ass Week-End...G