Tuesday, December 28, 2010

One Shot Wednesday...

The ride of "your" life...

Not again, I've been here before
I keep trying to unbuckle the
belt, but it doesn't unlatch
I give up and stare at the
faces around me

Looks of excitement,anticipation,
people leaning forward, ready to go
Are these people nuts? I grab the
bars around me and prepare to hang
on for dear life

A lurch and then we slowly start
to move, we begin to climb and
I close my eyes, I hate this dream
I keep having the sensation of falling
backwards as my body feels vertical

We whip around a corner and plunge
to the bottom at record speed
Screaming and laughter and my stomach
flip flopping, arms in the air,
hands waving except for my white
knuckles clutched in a death grip

How long will this last, I hate
roller coasters, I think I can open
one eye, oh no we're falling, then
back up, then around the corner, and
It's not so bad, I'm surviving, it
actually might be a little fun

We seem to be slowing down
My heart has stopped racing
I smile at the people around me
I want to yell "I made it" but
before I can the ride starts
to move again, and this time
I throw my arms into the air....

When I was ten I rode my first and only rollercoaster at Great America. I was so shook up that to this day I will not go on amusement rides. A friend asked me last week to describe my year (11 months so far) of AA and after pondering it for a minute I gave him my reply: I used to stand on the side and watch everyone on the rollercoaster, I was too scared to be on it myself. AA gave me a front row seat on the rollercoaster, and at first I was terrified, by after working the steps, trusting in my HP, and letting go, I've been able to ride it everyday, no longer gripping on tight but screaming, and waving my hands in the air.......it's so much more fun to participate rather than watch......


  1. Stunning description! Thank you for sharing this - many would not admit to such unpleasant sensations :)

  2. What a great analogy and applicable to life. You write so well about the sensation too - from the turns to the grip on the bar

    Really glad to have you share with one shot

  3. smiles. i love old wooden rollercoasters...and its a great analogy for life...we cant get off so its great to have a plan to follow...

  4. Hello! I was here, asking for friendship. ;) Would you like to follow each others blogs? Advance Happy New Year. :D

  5. DBG....
    This was one of your very best pieces of writing.
    I'd love to have a toast with you this Friday Night...Sparkling Cider !!!
    You Rock!!!

  6. Thanks for sharing a very moving poem and background info. Best wishes to you for a great New Year. Keep writing! I think you can help others by sharing your experiences in poetic form. thank you :)

  7. I had that feeling the first time on the roller coaster, the amazing thing is, I DID go again after that. On a dare because I was NOT going going to be a chicken when my little brother wasn't. Too too tragic and embarrassing. SO I did it again. OF course, there was a boy who was really nice sitting next to me and talking about his first experience, I dont remember all he said, I just remember him being there with me, well it helped me to be fearless and I actually enjoyed it.

  8. Love the poem-- it's a very identifiable feeling for me, as I have much the same reaction with roller coasters! It means even more after reading your explanation of it. Congratulations.

  9. What Brian said. This is a great poem and a really excellent metaphor for life. Well, done.

    Oh, and I love old woodies too.

  10. Maybe some day you'll be able to give rollercoasters another chance. (I love 'em!)

    Nice One Shot.

  11. Al-Anon has helped my roller coaster of emotions to level out a lot. I am no longer feeling as if the ride is a runaway, careening around. I'll take some level ground now instead.

  12. I'm glad you are enjoying the ride of life more than that rollercoaster! Hppy New Year!