Tuesday, December 7, 2010

One Shot Wednesday.....


Opening the blinds
I pause to reflect
on that picture taken
so long ago.
Look how blue those
eyes were, how smooth
that skin.

Remember all the dreams
that filled that head?
Some came true, many did
not. The road we travel
isn't always smooth, and
life deals us hands we had
no intention of playing

But we survived. A little
worse for the wear, but still
intact, still growing, still
smiling, still full of hope.

I walk accross the room and my
eyes fall on another picture.
This one taken many years ago.
I never knew this picture existed
until grandpa showed me where
he kept you hidden. "When I die, it's
in my wallet, and it's yours"...I
remember when I held it in my hands

Look how blue those eyes were,
how smooth that skin. What were
your dreams? I know life dealt you
hands you didn't plan on playing.
But there you are, a little worse
for the wear, still intact, still smiling,
inspiring hope.

I wonder what her picture will be like?
Her eyes so blue, and skin so smooth..
Will her dreams come true? will life be kind,
let's hope like us, she will be intact, still
smiling, and still full of hope.....

I wrote this for myself, my grandmother, and my daughter. A single picture of me on our wedding day hangs smiling in our bedroom. It's funny, you never think you are getting old until you see yourself back when. As I pass by my desk a picture of my grandmother sits in a frame, circa 1934. It's soft sepia tones, and rosy cheeks make this picture priceless. My grandfather showed me this secret picture hidden in his wallet all those years shortly before he died. I was lucky enough to receive it. She has a sly, shy smile, which in turn makes me smile every time I look at it. Then before I reach the stairs is a picture of my daughter. It's summer, her hair is half wet, half dry from swimming at the lake. The colors are beautiful and she wears the same smile as her great-grandmother. Although she never knew her great grandmother she carries many of her personality traits and physical features. I feel blessed that they both are able to touch my life each and every day.....


  1. What a beautiful post. :)

  2. smiles...link the hopes of generations...i am sure she will be ok...with you there by her side..

  3. I see some of my grandparents in me based on photos and the time that I knew them. Nice how you painted a portrait of each one in words.

  4. Your poem is very beautiful. It touched me.

    I see so much of my dad in my nephews and nieces. Physical traits as well those other more personality ones.

    destined wanderings

  5. oh this is beautiful - three generations - blue eyes - full of hopes and dreams..sensitive and heart-felt write

  6. Wonderful words to honor the generations. It amazes me how we pass on physical traits and personality quirks to our children and grand-children, and yet we all are still so unique, all the works of a brilliant Creator. Blessings.