Sunday, December 19, 2010

If you can....

If you can say a prayer around 3:15 Monday December 20th. My son Alex will be in surgery at that time. It's his first time going "under" and I pray that nothing goes wrong and that we make it home and have him settled before the snow and freezing rain start. It's been a wild weekend. Many awesome things happened. I ran into one of my old high school friends in the store the other night. We had so many great times together and have children in similar age brackets. It was so great to see her, and her what's been happening in her life, to exchange phone numbers and to give her my blog address. She called a little while later to tell me she had started reading my blog from the beginning and was really enjoying it. That means a lot to me and we will get together soon! Spent a great dinner with my oldest Friday night, talking, sharing, laughing, and then we finished Christmas shopping. Needless to say we also grocery shopped since it was getting pretty bare in the cupboards! Saturday had coffee with two of my girlfriends and then stayed and talked with a good friend of mine for hours. We had lunch and then it was off to home to make an appetizer and get ready for the Christmas Cantata. It was superb! It dealt with the birth, the death, the resurrection, and the coming of Christ again. The music was fabulous and I always leaving feeling truly ready for Christmas. After we always go to our friend's house for fellowship and good food. Lot's of laughter and hugs. We are lucky to know such awesome people. This morning Grace, Sam, and myself went to the AA club for breakfast with Santa. What a fun time we had. Then it was off to my parent's house for Christmas with my middle brother and his family. The kids are all growing up too fast! Now I'm just reading over the literature for Alex's surgery and getting ready to start another busy week. All this is possible thanks to my HP, AA, my program and awesome people in my life such as you fellow bloggers. Take care, and good night.....


  1. I will be praying for you and your son.

  2. hey i got you (and him) covered tomorrow...its going to go great...

  3. Whew! Sounds busy and fun this last week!
    And I will remember to pray tomorrow (will do so tonight too)

  4. prayers for your dear boy...
    best wishes for the medical process...
    stay well.
    you are blessed.

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  6. Prayers were said!!
    Man you do like it busy don't you ;)
    Sounds like an awesome week, I really hope you made it home before any snow/icy roads. I'd hate to think of you white knuckling it after being on the seat of your chair today.
    Looking forward to an update.

  7. I hope all went well for your dear Son. Update when you can.

    Wishing you a joyful Christmas week :)

  8. I hope that all went well for Alex. Wishing you a good day and a Merry Christmas.