Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Oneshot: Epiphany

Waiting at the stop lights
we discussed the mundane
work, school, schedules, dinner
until I noticed you weren't listening
So my eyes followed yours and then
we both saw him

Shaggy beard, torn clothes
ungloved fingers holding the sign
"Homeless will work for food or cash"
His defeated stature was reflected
in the glow of red

You turned to me, eyes pleading
a thousand questions running through
your young mind
I reached for my purse and watched
you hand the cash to this man
His grateful smile illuminated by the
glow of green

As we drove in silence
I wished I had the answers
but I don't
I can only show you
that by giving to your fellow man
there doesn't have to be any
orphans of God..........

My oldest son Alex and I experienced this last night. Our town has a growing number of homeless and it's maddening to think of them in the cold, hungry and tired. I really wish I had all the answers....


  1. smiles. great one shot and thanks for taking care of the guy...i have a heart for the homeless...and oddly enough my post today has to do with one as well...smiles.

  2. Beautiful and poignant scene, and you paint it so well

  3. It's sad to think some of them were former neighbors of ours.

    One answer would be for everyone to open their hearts and homes to these people - fat chance!

    Poignant One Shot!

  4. A tender poem. Thanks for sharing it.

  5. very heartfelt poem. lovely write!

    thanks for the visit and leaving your kind words today.

    take care

  6. It made me look out and watch the beggar, across the street wipe out a tear rolling down...

    Come along and join the challenge to think beyond...

    visit the link

    and share your own imagination triggered by the image...the comment section is waiting for you....

  7. Just "stumbled" upon your blog via dAAve (Higher Powered). So glad I did. Your poem touches my heart deeply, and your desire to have all the answers resonates with me. Sometimes helping one person in just a small way is the best we can do, and it's certainly better than doing nothing at all. You did that, and even better, you were able to share with your son through your example that changing the world starts with one small, selfless act.

  8. this is a touching write. Thanks for sharing it. Blessings,

  9. There are some really beautiful souls walking around where I live too. Sometimes I run across a man who walks around selling flowers off of local bushes lining the streets. He is always clean. His face, though he does not really talk, tells as much a story of life as the metal hook where his hand used to be.

    God be with those who have no warm soft place to lay their heads at night. I know enough people who were once like that, now in AA who came to my rescue before I fell that far, for them I will always have a heart and stretch out to the streets when compelled to share the wealth of blessings I was given.

  10. Great job of modeling compassion to your son. Not all homeless beggars are thieves and junkies. And even if they were they're still human and deserve a little dignity. Awesome write.

  11. Its very touching.. and very nicely written.. thanks

    ॐ नमः शिवाय
    Om Namah Shivaya
    Twitter: @VerseEveryDay

  12. I used to volunteer at a homeless shelter. Maybe you could be the impetus for starting one in your town.