Friday, November 5, 2010

Flash 55 Friday

Words, words, words......

A attitude, anxious, abapical, anxiety, appalling, abandonment

L loud, labile, longing, lackadaisical, leary, lost

C coy, crafty, crude, careless, cautious, crushed

O opposite, opinionated, obstenant, ornery, obnoxious

H hurt, hardihood, hate, habromania, hamate, humiliation

O obganiate, objurgate, obtuncent, oblectation oblivescence

L labrose, lacicaday, lacuna, languescent, lachrymose

I ichneumous, iconoclasm, iconolatry, idomania, icteritious, ignescent

C control, cachinnate, cacogen, cafard, cagamosis, captation, cacogen and
finally cacotopia.....

I was playing around with a rather unusual dictionary and started finding cool words. Many alcoholics and those who love them suffer through these words or phases. Sad but true, alcohol is a bad master, so I made up this little reminder of words to show me just what fun alcoholism really is NOT!!!! Youngest is sick with a yucky flu. I had just arrived at the office yesterday when the school secretary called and said Gracie had thrown up all over the hallway, and to come get her. This went on all day long, and I spent most of the day washing sheets, towels, clothing, etc. Today she is very pale, but able to keep crackers and 7UP down. Alex is finally at the leadership retreat camp until tomorrow. I dropped him off and watched him walk confidently to the bus, no looking back. I'm taking that as a good sign. Now my husband and I are just waiting to see who gets the flu first! Hope you are all warm, well, and have a great weekend......


  1. ack. hope they feelbetter...funn play with words...

  2. Lacuna?
    Sounds like a beach in California...
    Anyway...very clever 55 today.
    I really like clever and different.
    Thank you for playing today, and have a Kick Ass Week-End

  3. I like your list - words are fun, alcoholism not so much! I hope your little one feels better soon. Mine had the flu like that last year. It is so sad...stay well.