Monday, October 18, 2010


It's a word I've come to know quite intimately this past year. Change has allowed me to work this program. I'm getting ready to take my 12th. step, and yes, I have had a spiritual awakening. An awakening of the body, mind, and soul. But I'm not the only one experiencing changes. Our oldest son is seeing a change in friendships. This has come of his own choosing. I knew this day would happen. The day when I would go to knowing all his friends, to barely knowing any of them. He has friends from grade school that attend other high schools and I think they will always remain friends. He has one friend that he has known since the third grade and enjoys seeing every few weeks. But since school started I've seen a change in him. The one friend he hung out the most with has become judgemental, social climbing, critical of everyone and this has sent my son on a new journey. I raise my children to be nice to everyone. You never know what someone else has going on. Not to be niave, but don't snap judge. Like Atticus says, "You never get to know someone until you walk around in their skin a while" (it could be shoes but I think it's skin) Alex has pulled away from this friend and is settling in with the kids he likes. He's not much for social climbing as he could care less, so now he seems more happy and settled with following his heart. Saturday night he was invitied to a friend's 16th. birthday party. It was at the VFW (lol) but they all had so much fun. Karaoke, dancing, food, non alcoholic drinks. At 11:00 pm they poured out of the building. Faces shining, laughing, wearing glow sticks. The girls were dressed up, and the boys sweaty from dancing. I sat and watched the kids as they were picked up by their parents. All nice looking clean cut kids, and I thanked God that my son has much better sense than I did at his age. I was trying to social climb, and creating a world of pain and chaos for myself. "Being myself" wasn't an option to me. He jumped in the car all smiles and full of stories. We sat up and talked a while when we got home. Sigh..... changes. Other changes are happening as well. Last night while we sat down for a quick bite, I noticed my husband reading the Homebound. This is a weekly informative that comes from the parochial school that our two youngest attend. In 10 years I have never seen him read one of these. I always read them and then posted them on the bulletin board. He also worked with Alex and Sam on Sam's school project. Making a headdress to represent historical Wisconsin background. It turned out great, and it was one project I didn't have to get involved in. It was neat to come into the kitchen and see my three guys working together. I am so grateful for times like these. My HP works wonders. I remember a few months back when my sponsor said to me, "the healthier you get the easier it will be for others to change and grow". How awesome to see the change, and to be able to accept it and grow with it. Monday blesssings to all.....


  1. isnt it amazing that when we begin to change how much it affects those around about the guys working together...change is awesome...

  2. beautiful entry!!! my hp works wonders as well, i always need the reminder :)

  3. that is so awesome! I can relate to what you said about being a social climber and how it was not an option being myself.

    And it is amazing how the healthier we get, the easier it is for others to change and grow (if they so choose.) Ironically, I just wrote about that today (wed.) on my blog.

    Thanks for sharing such wonderful miracles with us. I can feel the gratitude pour from your words...

  4. Nice that you have had that spiritual awakening. I believe that none of the changes in my life would have occurred without the help of my HP.