Thursday, February 9, 2012

Flash 55 Friday

February Daze

The sun came knocking
at my back door,
so I opened it wide
and let him come in
He gracefully poured through
the clear plexiglass frame
and quietly spread his
arms full of warmth, across
the kitchen floor and down
the basement steps as the black
cat purred and closed
his green eyes in thanks.....

The other day when I was home, I opened the door to let the sun shine through the storm glass and our black cat Coal was delighted to doze in the warmth. All afternoon he followed the trail of beams until the afternoon turned cool and the sun started to sink. We have been blessed with a very mild winter and I am glad to see the days growing longer. Hoping you all have an awesome weekend :-)


  1. DBG...
    What a wonderfully Positive story!
    I loved your 55
    The Sun does have a way of changing ones demeanor.
    Thanks for playing, and have a Kick Ass Week-End

  2. Could do with some of that sun here today, to melt the sprinkle in snow...

  3. ha my cat chases the sun as well curled up in its light....yeah gimme a little sun....

  4. .. the trail of beams. Yes, I have witnessed this at my house too. :)

  5. This one warms me right through. :)

  6. Lovely evocation of the morning sun.