Thursday, January 26, 2012

Flash 55 Friday

Cloudless Night

Stepping to the back porch
on a cloudless winter night,
my breath explodes in a veil
of fog, limbs stiffen as
cold penetrates my bones, the boards creak
as I make my way down the stairs,
lost in the enormity of the darkness,
I tip my head back to drink in
the star filled sky.......

How gorgeous are winter nights? I am always amazed at how still and deep they are. They hold a beauty so different than summer. It almost makes me want to hold my breath so I do not disturb the perfect silence. Hoping you all have an awesome weekend!


  1. Not only that those cold hoary nights are so still and quiet...
    Loved your 55 DBG
    I wish I knew how to link so that people will visit you after mine goes up at 8 tonight.
    But thanks for playing, I have always enjoyed your 55's tremendously. have a Kick Ass Week-End My Friend...G

  2. the peace in that star filled sky...i like to do that too and they just pop on those cool it...

  3. Beautiful. You captured it right there. Thanks for this!

  4. ohhh such a beautiful tribute to the winter evening, awesome!