Thursday, July 21, 2011

Flash 55 Friday....


With cracked lips and dusty throat
she turns her swollen eyes upward,
bright flashes of promise
proceed a dry swallow
One, then two, and three
until a million splashes of water
penetrate unto her cheekbones and stream down her neck
as she parts her mouth and begins to
drink in the sweet gift of life.....

I've been observing the effects of the heat wave we are in. Due to cluster migraines my time outdoors has been greatly limited. However I was able to spend a couple of hours outdoors last Sunday working in the gardens and what I noticed as the sweat ran down my face was how parched mother nature looked. She needed relief, a cool drink of water. Later that evening a storm roared through and standing at the window watching it pour I envisioned the above poem, and watched in pleasure as she tilted her head back and drank in the cool rain.... hoping all is well with you and yours.....


  1. goodness it has been smoking hot here...110 today...ugh...great to see you!!! stay hydrated!

  2. Hey girlie!!!!! So glad to see you around, you've been missed ;) Love this post, we've been living in the pool the last week

  3. DBG....
    You sure have been missed.
    Excellent description of a glorious drink of cool water.
    Excellent 55
    Thanks for playing, and have a Kick Ass Week-End

  4. This is a really good observation. I live in a place that is pretty dry most of the time. Officially "semiarid". I've seen this parched want too.

  5. This brought a beautiful image to mind. Lovely 55. Hope you're feeling better. Heatwave has rolled in here too.

  6. We so need the rain. Lovely 55!

  7. You painted a word-portrait of nature with another face--near death, then salvation with aqua vitae! Aren't storms wonderful?

    Glad to see you! BTW, I am no longer at 'steveroni', now at stfourthdimension.blogspot, if ya ever want to drop by. (I'm sorry I gave up the name steveroni! It was my 'vanity' ID!)


  8. love this,
    vivid capture of the effects of climate change.
    rain is cool to earth and humans.

  9. SO GLAD you're back! Dig the new blog look!!!