Friday, May 27, 2011

Off to the lake....

The two youngest finished school this morning, the oldest is getting ready for finals. The giant marshmallows and Hershey's chocolate have been purchased, the dog "frontlined" and soon we'll be driving to the lake. The whole family anticipates this first weekend at the cottage. Listening to crickets and peepers, an occasional call of the loon. Kayaking in the early morning is my favorite, reading by a fire all afternoon long, no cell phone towers, no computers, just the lake and all it's beauty. Wishing you all a wonderful holiday weekend. Stay safe, and make new memories. I leave with a 55....


Stealing down to the lake,
Careful not to disturb Mother Nature
as the dawn stretches her arms, and birds
sing their daily mantra, I quietly slip
the kayak onto the water and without
a sound I cut through the steam softly
rising in the air, and I’m in awe at the
splendor that lies ahead….


  1. Breath of fresh air this post is! And I'm sure the fresh air and joyful experience is even more exciting and fun in the coming days!

  2. ah sounds like a great weekend ahead! would love to be kayaking...have fun!!!!

  3. Being in awe, is like praising the Creator Who made it All. Nature IS really awesome, all we gotta do is be quiet, observe, and be awed!!!
    Good Post. Thanks!!

  4. ...and you leave a postcard that says, "Wish you were here?"

  5. Wonderful. I hope that you have a great time. Catching up on your blog!