Monday, February 21, 2011


Mother nature opened up her doors and dumped a foot of snow on us! We are buried, the wind is whipping, and it's still snowing. Guess we just had a tease of spring and now it's back to reality. My hubby and I are redecorating our bedroom. A few years ago we tore out all the walls and made the top floor of our cape cod our entire bedroom. It's an awesome space, and for some reason I felt the need to recreate it. Now normally I would get an eye roll, or "not again" from the man but he must have sensed my urgency and wanting a whole new look. There was no objection. So I picked out the paint, the bedding, the accesories and we got to work this past Saturday. All the painting is done, and we both love the color. However due to our busy schedules I won't be able to pull everything together until this coming weekend. I guess the room, and the objects were things of my past. Pieces that I never wanted to part with, had suddenly become not important. I told my hubby I wanted to get rid of certain things and he agreed. Let's "do it"! This is shocking because he likes to argue over certain things. We gave some things away to people we knew would appreaciate them, and we stored others in the attic. AA has taught me the beauty of posessions just being that: material wants. I had no qualms looking through our stuff and letting go. A part of me realizes that I've had these things through all my drinking. I've outgrown them, they no longer represent the person I'm becoming. And since we are working on our marriage, why not start with a clean slate. Our bedroom should be our sanctuary, a place to talk, share, and spend quality time together. I think we are well on our way. We also had the treat of seeing Gaelic Storm in concert last night. It was sold out, but due to the terrible weather many did not make it, so when the show began we were able to get even better seats than what we purchased. My husband loves this band, and has seen them before at Irishfest. They were excellent. Our toes were tapping, our hands were clapping, and we were busy singing along. I had to note that most of the songs contained refrences to alcohol, lots of Guiness, and whiskey, but it didn't bother me. I know many recovering alcoholics would have been bothered by it, but I try to own my own disease. To not judge others if they are having a good time and alcohol is included. I'm the one with the problem, I don't know how to have just one. In order for me to exist in the present I need to be clean and sober. Just opening that door to escape for just a second could have me gone in an instant. During intermission we met up with some friends. They were having drinks, and my husband had a scotch and I had a diet coke. It was refreshing, and revamped my energy so I could whoop it up during the second half of the show. The drive home was messy, and visibility was almost zero. Hubby went to bed as he had an early day ahead, and my oldest and I watched a TV show together. As I snuggled down on the couch (fresh paint fumes give me terrible headaches) I was able to drift off into a peaceful sleep. Content with the fact that I am sober, that I can dream, and laugh, and have a great time alcohol free. To me that is a priceless posession worth keeping.....


  1. Re-doing your room is a great way to feel refreshed!! Good choice!!

    Glad your finding your space and had a nice night out. It is weird to be sober out in social situations, but it is just something we all have to get used it. It's not so bad!!

    Hope you can get dug out today!! I love the way the snow looks, but I hate being stuck inside!!!

  2. Ohhh I love a good reno!
    I'm so happy you're creating your space together, most of our fondest memories are of hubby and I renovating ;)
    I love the Irish music too, the sound speaks to my soul...even when the lyrics are about drinking. To be honest I can say that I had fun drunk times and would write about them in song if that were my talent.
    Good for you owning your sobriety girl!!

  3. nice...a foot of snow..ugh....redoing the room, very makes you feel good to make those small changes...

  4. When I decided to get rid of things I got rid of everything. I sold my house, threw everything out, gave away or sold. I moved to Colorado with my daughter, 2 big dogs (a golden/yellow lab mix and a black lab/German shepherd mix), a few small mementos that belonged to my great-grandmother, my 1986 Mazda wagon (to carry my 2 big dogs and us) and boy, did I start over...From tropical Florida and all the wine and fun to cold mountainous Colorado and strong coffee. I don't live in either place now, but I am very head strong when I make up my mind..AND I love Irish music. I'm going to have to investigate Gaelic Storm..

  5. Glad you had a wonderful time at the concert. Gaelic Storm rocks!

    Also sounds wonderful to have enough to remodel/redo your bedroom to develop a new and more intimate sanctuary.

    Blessings are abundant in your life!