Wednesday, January 26, 2011

One shot Wednesday

Middle Child

Oh, my sweet middle child,
small nosed, and chubby cheeked
How I wish you knew how
special you are....

I see your struggles,
caught in the middle of
an older brother who
excels and teases, and on
rare occasion extends some attention
which you lap up like a thirsty dog....

While on your heels, is the younger
sprite, all girlish drama and flair
in one instant your best friend, and
in another your worst enemy...

Yet, you were created with your
own set of gifts, a love of building,
and reading, a "follower" of rules and teacher's say, "A joy
to have in class"....

You are unique, born in the heart of
winter, your eyes green instead of
your sibling's blue, while they are
long legged, you are sturdy and short....

I know you are changing, your frustration
and tears tell me all too clearly, but
I know you will be just fine, for you are
the child I can count on, the child I don't
have to ask twice. You keep your mother sane,
and that my child is I gift I will never
be able to repay...

I love you my sweet middle child.....

This is written for my sweet Sam. He's changing and I've noticed a lot of frustration with his siblings lately. On January 31, he turns ten. A special day because he shares a birthday with his dad. He told me the other day he hates being the "middle child" and it's hard to know what to say. I was the youngest so I only know that point of view, but he is resilient and I know he'll be just fine.....


  1. beautiful...iimagine he will cherish should put a copy away for when they are older...

  2. That is wonderful..It made me think of some of my friends and their "middle" children. In all cases I would say they would agree with "You keep your mother sane, and that my child is 1 gift I will never be able to repay".I only have one child and I'm the first born in my family. So I can't personally relate, but your poem gives me some understanding.

  3. What a tribute from a mother's heart, a love so deep. I understand, as a mother and also one who has a middle child - a son, also caught between the older brother who excels, and the younger sister and all her drama. He is now 23, and I still pray he will know how much I love him because it seems no matter how much I tell him...he still wonders.

  4. Beautiful

    I'm a middle kid, sister born before/brother after.

    It's a truly difficult position to be in when I'm in that self-conscious self-centered mode.