Friday, November 26, 2010

Flash 55 Friday

Fateful Dinner

We were never quite
sure who started it.
You with your funny
faces, or me with my
voice impressions but
either way no good would
come. One giggle, then
two, a scolding from mom.
A glance across the table
and peels of laughter
would erupt. And then .....
I spit my milk all over grandma's face....

Once again, true story. When all the men would go up deer hunting my grandma would came stay with us for 10 days. My middle brother and I often got the giggles at the dinner table and one night it went too far. I had just taken a drink of milk when I looked at my brother, started laughing and spit the milk all over my grandmother's face. She just sat there, face splattered in milk, eye glasses dripping, and calmly asked my mother for a towel. Mollie was her name, and she was always such a good sport in life, she wasn't mad but boy my mother sure was! Have a great weekend


  1. oh my stuff...and glad she was so cool abt it...

  2. Hello, how are you?

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  3. Guess you can cry over both spilled and spit milk—-tears of laughter in this case. lol Enjoyed reading your poem. Cheers

  4. lol GREAT story! I love grandmas, they play everything kool, even somewhat-used milk lol

  5. I did something similar, except to my father. He was not happy and not as gracious as your grandmother. Today I can laugh about it.